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American Gods by Neil Gaiman

When cultures from far around the world came to America they brought their Gods with them willingly or not. These Gods have lost their power as they have been replaced by rising modernism and the comforts of convenience we enjoy today.

On a journey across the USA, ex-con and recent widower Shadow is enlisted to do the bidding of the mysterious Mr Wednesday. As they meet these old Gods and are followed by a band of spirits, tricksters and a legacy of culture long largely forgotten, they must try to fight off an oncoming war. Can the Gods of today replace the Gods of yesterday, or does history still have a place in the modern world?

Incredibly engaging and well-paced, Gaiman is a master of modern fantasy and the gritty real-world setting of American Gods brings a reality to his depictions of old world Gods that bring them to life and leave you wanting to learn more about every character and their histories.

- Erin

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