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The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

Told as a series of letters to the reader, this beautiful book follows high school freshman Charlie through his first year in American high school, navigating friendship, first loves, family and figuring out who you are at such a tender age.

You will fall in love with Charlie and his generous heart as he discovers his taste in music, clothes, girls, books and grapples with deeply held painful childhood memories.

A book filled with beauty and some equally heart-wrenching moments, this was my favourite book as a teenager and I still reread it often. It influenced much of my own taste and has stayed with me for nearly two decades. This book is deeply emotional, real, loving, and full of lessons on how to find light when you are feeling dark.

Trigger warning: sexual abuse (handled with a lot of care and with no overt descriptions)

Age 14+


- Erin

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