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The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami

Murakami is a wonderful write - both incredibly specific and universal at once.

Magical realism at its best, the story of Toru's life a sit begins to unravel in Tokyo begins first with a missing cat and takes him on a journey to the bottom of a well, through several reinventions of characters, to a pair of mysterious sisters, unsettling phone calls, a young woman working in a wig factory, and into the depth of people's recollections of wartime and zookeeping. On a quest to elude a strange detective and reclaim his wife, Toru is swept up in a series of events bigger than he could ever have anticipated.

With a wry wit, intense curiosity, and deep empathy, Murakami lays out an incredible journey of the human spirit. If you're Murakami curious please come and speak to me, he's my favourite author and I could talk about him all day!

- Erin

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