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Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982 by Cho Nam-Joo and translated by Jamie Chang

In plain and simple language, Cho Nam-Joo's Korean everywoman, Kim Jiyoung, gives a clear voice to the frustrations of women around the world. It's like being visited by the ghosts of misogyny past, present and (hopefully not) future. So calmly and empathetically does Nam-Joo's work lay out the plight of the Korean woman, that it has been credited with effecting actual social change in South Korea.

It's a very easy read I really enjoyed it and particularly loved the background character who did her own thing the entire time. I's recommend it as one for the gentlemen to read as Kim Jiyoung is a character whose hopes, dreams and frustrations are so relatable and understandable.

- Claire

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